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"I enjoyed your posted message, "Eternity In Your Heart"-Your 4 "hubs" of guidance are inspiring, and so true. I can see from the faces and names represented on your website that you value good company!"
Ceci Miller-Author-Sacred Visitations

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I Respect I Myself...And So Should You by Dr. Alvin
Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones-The Even Place

Augustus & Elizabeth in Annapolis
Alisha Lola Jones

Angela Marie Jones

In Memory of Parents-John & Mary Jones

In Memory of Grandparents-Henry & Lula Jones
Joan Pagano-Personal Trainer
Gloria Loring-Contributor
Derrick Brown Sports
Soman Chainani-The School of Good & Evil
Adam Braun-The Promise of a Pencil
Bill Medley-Time of My Life

Jennifer Senior-All Joy & No Fun
Paul Rusesabagina-An Ordinary Man
Kevin T. Robertson-Business Contributor
Hazel Gaynor-Girl Who Came Home
MayCay Beeler-The Buccaneer

Zoe Fishman-Driving Lessons
Mary R. Morgan-Beginning With The End
Kemp Burdette-NC Conservation Network
Akhil Sharma-Family Life
Clay Risen-The Bill of the Century
Susanna Kaysen-Cambridge
Lord Michael Spicer-The Spicer Diaries

George Newborn-ABC's Scandal
Margot Adler-Vampires Are Us
Jonathan Rieder-Gospel of Freedom
DrAlvin.Com-"Where World Thinkers & Leaders Come To Chat

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Excerpts From Dr. Alvin's Book of Ponderations*

“Everything that is in front of you is like a door. To some it’s a barrier, to one it’s an exit and to another it’s an entrance. This door only opens to those who have discovered the master key…the proven prescription, recipe and method of operation. Like a locksmith, craft wisdom so that the opportunities of life will never be closed to you.”---AAJ ©

“In romance, do not love the broken heart, it needs mending, do not love the bad heart, it needs replacing, but do love the good heart…it only needs tending.”---AAJ ©

"When you have an ‘I believe I can do it start’...you will have an ‘I knew I could do it finish'.”---AAJ ©

“When you are criticized for being different…take it as a complement. When others leave you for being different…take it as confirmation. And when this difference occurs…take on this new beginning with a new and different attitude that the best just got better.”---AAJ ©

“Joy is your strength, your mojo. When an enemy of your passion gets you to react with anger, sadness, stress or any other evil twisted device, you are relinquishing your passion and your energy will become dim. The moment you lose your joy…you will lose you.”---AAJ ©

"In the Soul Train Life, your daily routine is your rhythm for success. Never permit unscheduled events or unorganized passengers to derail your soundtrack. Rock steady down the line and always stay in beat with your heart.”---AAJ ©

"Pure love is the foundation needed to construct the Chapel of Love. Pure love never sleeps and is always on time. Pure love is ripe fruit, the perfect prescription…nature’s balm that cleanses, heals and restores. And this love only lands in the soft and tender heart of a prepared lover.”---AAJ ©

"When you make a purchase you increase in goods, when you spend time with your family you extend your legacy.”---AAJ ©

“Until you act on your dreams you will always be short on faith and long on fear.”---AAJ ©

"When you are at peace with you…others will be at peace with you too.”---AAJ ©

“Until your friend sees your needs as their needs, you will always have a need.”---AAJ ©

"When you focus on a minor infraction of hate, you will miss major encounters of passion and love.”---Alvin Augustus Jones ©

“Your love does not lose its value, because another can not appraise your net worth.”---AAJ ©

"You will never lose interest when you do things that are in your best interest.”---AAJ ©

“In a judicious life - I must accept my actions as the verdict of my words."---Alvin Augustus Jones ©

“When you discover who you are you don't buy luxury...you become it.”-Alvin Augustus Jones ©

“Don’t let the sadness of not having the one thing, quench the joy of the many things you do have.”----Alvin Augustus Jones ©

"Wisdom with understanding assures an abundant life."-Alvin Augustus Jones

"To deny the existence of The Spirit is to be enslaved to the foolish."-Alvin Augustus Jones

*Ponderation: (n) 1. higher thought; 2. intellectual dexterity developed through wisdom; 3. using the principles of the high road as a way of life; 4. best practices; 5. highest and best uses; 6. excellence in action; gracious words for the soul.
ponderate (v) ponderator-DrAlvin.Com

Synonym for Ponderation (n)
Aphorism, precept, saying, motto, axiom, dictum, byword, adage
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Welcome to Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones

Welcome from Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones

World Leaders & Thinkers "In Their Own Words"

Here is where you can experience the vast wisdom and knowledge of geniuses as interviewed by Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones. Listen to them in their own words as they share their expertise. This experience will give you strength for your journey and food for thought. Please feel free to browse the interviews listing by clicking it. All audio and video is in Windows Media Format. To download a free Windows Media Player, click the link below. Thanks for stopping by.

Dr. Alvin Writes International Anthem-I Respect Myself, & So Should U

"I made the mistake of setting aside your CD until I had time to really set and focus on it. What a mistake! I finally just set everything aside and sat myself down to listen. And I fell in love with the music! I sat and played all the presentations of the songs all day long yesterday-even now the music is running through my mind. What an incredibly inspiring work! I can't thank you enough for sending it. With warm regards from your chilly Michigan friend."
Barbara Oakley-Author-Evil Genes

"We live in an era where the message that 'the lower you set your personal standards, the higher our culture will lift you' is pervasive. Abuse of oneself, abuse of the law, and abuse of one's children have all become proven, if not preferred, ways of garnering the attention and admiration both in the American media and general public. Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones stands in opposition to his morally and socially destructive trend with his powerfully inspiring song, I Repect Myself And So Should U. With upbeat music and lyrics that truly make sense, this song will have you pushing the repeat button over and over."
Angela Wilder-Author-Powerful Mate Syndrome

"Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones has created a powerful musical experience with his new song,'I Repect Myself, And So Should U!' It is more than a song...it is an outstanding personal development experience that will profoundly impact your thinking and your self-esteem! I highly recommend that every household make this a 'must listen' for parents as well as children! I am glad I did...and you will be glad as well!"
Willie Jolley-Author-Singer-Speaker-Inspiring Millions With Music & Motivation

"Much is made of the healing and tranformative power of music in our society, but rarely do you have unadulterated feel good music that can truly harness that power. Before you ever have a chance to internalize that life affirming message of 'I Respect Myself, And So Should U', you feel the warmth of the incredible producton and the melodic flow of the smooth voices. No matter what genre of music you are into, most people are looking for songs that can be a mantra to carry them through tough times and drastic changes, this is definitely that song. I hope we embrace this song as a new anthem for personal growth!"
Bomani Armah-Recording Artist-Poet-www.notarapper.com

To Order Your CD Single & Wristband, mail $10 to Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones, P.O. Box 9, Oxford, NC 27565

Acclaim For Alvin Augustus Jones


You are only what you give
You reap only where you've sown
You attract only what you respect
You create only what you say
You become only what you honor
You overcome only what you face
You trust only what you believe
You have only what you let go
You lose only what you hold on to
And your goodness is only reflected in your legacy
Alvin Augustus Jones

"I loved your poem Only. So true, so true. It should be on a plaque among the many inspirational ones I collect and hang throughout my house. May God continue to bless you and your ministry."
Linda Windsor-Author-For Pete's Sake

"L'homme avec la voix melodieuse"-French
"El hombre con el voz como miel"-Spanish
"Der Mann mit der lieblichen Stimme"-German
"Laki-laki dengan suara seperti madu"-Indonesian
"you are the "Man With The Mellifluous Voice."
Dr. Karen Otazo-Author-The Truth About Managing Your Career..And Nothing But The Truth

"So nice to talk with you this morning. I printed "Only" and taped it up as a remainder (this is supercool!!) and also, your website is now my homepage. I love the way you think!
Suzy Cohen-Author-The 24-Hour Pharmacist

"by the way, you have a beautiful smile. Keep spreading good news. Heaven knows we need more of it."
Gloria Loring-Singer, Author, Actress-Days Of Our Lives-NBC-TV

"In the midst of a 20-city radio tour, I have come to one conclusion only: Some talk-show hosts are very smart and very eloquent. Not all, but some. (Some of them--horrors! -- don't even read the books before the interview!) Among the best radio talk-show hosts is Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones, who has interviewed some of the most provocative figures in modern American literature, sports, politics and entertainment...always with an eye toward messages we can all glean from their experiences."
Ron Franscell-Author-Fall

"you can be my friend forever."
Mark Victor Hansen-Co-Author-Cracking The Millionaire Code

"Dr. Alvin....being on your show is like talking to a friend. Your style is engaging, warm, intelligent and lively. Your kindness rings clearly through the radio waves. A special thanks for the opportunity and the exposure on your site."
Dr. Karyl McBride-Author-Will I Ever Be Good Enough?

"you're a classy guy"
Neil Cavuto-FOX News-Author-Your Money Or Your Life

"I've been around media for a while...and you've at the top of my list."
Harvey Hook-Author-The Power Of An Ordinary Life

"I truly appreciate the interview and your graciousness throughout. Great website. I am proud to occupy a small space on it for a time. I appreciate you and the work you are doing."
David Limbaugh-Author-Bankrupt

"You're the most prepared, most insightful interviewer on radio today"
Jeffrey J. Fox-Author-Secrets Of Great Rainmakers

"I loved your questions."
Stephen Covey-Author-The 8th Habit & The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

"You rock! And God's in charge."
Phil Town-Author-Rule #1

"You are truly a kind and extraordinary thoughtful person. No wonder you are so successful! I'm very grateful to know you."
Gail Blanche-Author-Between Trapezes

"great speaking with you...you are super!"
Rick Frishman-President Planned Arts-Author-Networking Magic

"thanks...it was fun."
Mike McNamee-Deputy Bureau Chief-Business Week

"Our son, David, forwarded to us the interview you did with him recently. He had just returned from a trip so you caught him by surprise. However, we were so pleased with his presentation of his book Blueprint To A Billion. You had obviously read and digested the book and the manner in which you presented your questions must have made it easier for David to give comprehensive answers. We are both in our 80's and this is our first experience with a family member writing a book so we are finding all these "events" so exciting, including your interview with David. Best of luck with your important activities. Ruth and George Thomson."
David Thomson-Author-Blueprint To A Billion

"I admire you tremendously because of the positive influence you are having on our society at large and on individuals everywhere. You truly are making a difference...I appreciate our on-going friendship."
Stephen M.R. Covey-Author-The Speed Of Trust

"I really enjoyed talking to you."
Michael Lydon-Author-Ray Charles: Man & Music

"It was a pleasure dealing with you and I salute your extraordinary accomplishments."
Bob LaMonte-Author-Winning The NFL Way

"I marvel at your efficiency and organization! It was a great pleasure appearing on your show, which positively crackles with vitality."
David Rubel-Author-The Coming Free

"Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you and your listeners about Frederick Douglass's great July Fourth oration and its continuing relevance for America. The extraordinary range and quality of books that you feature make it an honor to be on your show. Your preparation is thorough, your knowledge is deep, and, most of all, your penetrating questions allow authors and their books to shine."
James A. Colaiaco-Author-Frederick Douglass And The Fourth Of July

"Enjoyed talking with you."
Ward Clayton-Author-Men On The Bag

"I really loved being on your show last night. It was a wonderful interview and I thought your questions really illicited a lively discussion. Thank you also for the web site exposure"
Bonnie Fuller-Author-The Joy of Much To Much

"Thank you so much Dr. Jones, I really enjoyed this...you're very special."
Susan RoAne-Author-How To Create You Own Luck

"Thanks for a great interview."
Connie Glaser-Author-What Queen Esther Knew

"I wanted to pass something along to you. My wife, daughter and I had a long drive to our relatives home for Thanksgiving. I brought along the cd you sent of the recent interview for the family to listen to. At the end of the interview, my wife looked at me and said,'Wow, he is an outstanding interviewer!' I asked her why she thought that and she said, He actually listens, he never cut you off and asked great questions. I couldn't agree more, Alvin. You are on top of your game."
James C. Hunter-Author-The Servant-The World's Most Powerful Leadership Principle

"I've know Alvin for many years and I can attest that this is a man who is on a mission. He definitely 'Walks his talk and talks his walk.' or maybe more fitting for Alvin, he 'Preaches what he practices and practices what he preaches!' He makes things happen."
Willie Jolley-Author-A Setback Is A Setup For A Comeback

"you're a great interviewer with to the point questions designed to help your listeners."
Dr. Steven Stosny-Author-You Don't Have To Take It Anymore

"I thank you so much for the interview. It was way-cool! I just listened to it. It turned out great! Again, thank you so much for sharing your audience..."
David V. Taylor-President-RedeemedSoul.com

"It was a great pleasure to talk with you this morning. You've understood my book in the way I hoped readers would - as a moment from the past which connects directly to the political and social issues we're dealing with today. I hope we can do this again sometime."
Richard Slotkin-Author-Lost Battalions

"That was a fantastic interview. I've never seen someone so prepared and with such great questions. I was honored to be part of your program."
Robert Pagliarini-Author-The Six Day Financial Makeover

"I enjoyed the show and a great conversation on the hottest topic in marketing: the rise of powerful Asian brands."
Martin Roll-Author-Asian Brand Strategy

"..we enjoyed being on your show today. We really appreciate your intelligent exploration of this topic-great thought-provoking questions."
James Rapson & Craig English-Author-Anxious To Please

"Your passion for great stories comes through with every insightful question you ask. You're more a conversationlist than an interviewer. I hope we talk again."
Joe Drape-Author-Black Maestro

"I so enjoyed our interview today. My soul felt refreshed. You asked questions with faith in your heart and God's love in your voice and that was inspiring."
Alicia Britt Chole-Author-Anonymous

"Thanks! I really enjoyed our talk this morning. I very much appreciate and was much impressed with your preparation; knowledge of the topic and excellent questions. Thanks and hope we can talk again."
Rebecca Shambaugh-Author-It's A Sticky Floor

"Thank you for inviting me to be a part of the great work you are doing...May our God continue to increase your influence-for His purpose & glory."
Marlinda Ireland-Author-What Is God Waiting For?

"I can listen to you all day and not eat."
Ruby Thomas-Faithful Listener

"I want to thank you and say how nice it was to speak with you this morning. It was an invigorating way to start my day. Being retired, I no longer get up with the chickens."
Kathy Burke-Author-Detective

"Just writing to thank you for doing the interview this a.m. with Kathy Burke. Kathy said it was one of the best she's had since book came out--and you were great to work with."
Neal Hirschfeld-Co-Author-Detective

"I spent some time on your website and listened to some of your interviews-incredible-what a great resource. thanks!
Dr. Lana Honos-Webb-Author-Listening To Depression-www.visionarysoul.com

"Thank you so much for the great interview last week. I really enjoyed speaking with you, and appreciate the time you spent preparing and reading. Such a pleasure chatting with someone who cares. I'm listening to it on your site now--sounds good!--and I've put the links to my website. I hope we'll get the chance to talk again."
Jenna Glatzer-Author-Celine Dion

"Of all the radio and television interviews I've done, yours was the best. Your perceptive and sensitive reading of my book and your incisive questions made me think about sports, and writing, and life in ways I hadn't before. You have my deepest gratitude."
Steve Friedman-Author-The Agony Of Victory

"Thank you for your invigorating interview! The questions you asked were fabulous! I appreciate that you read the book. It showed!...Again, it was terrific talking to such a thoughtful insightful interviewer!"
Jean Lipman-Blumen-Author-The Allure Of Toxic Leaders

"I really appreciate your responsiveness, your professionalism, and your willingness to use your platforms to help grassroots foot soldiers like me make a difference in the lives of others."
Delores Burgess-Author-Suspicion Of Malignancy

"Alvin, you are a refreshingly thoughtful, inquisitive, and respectful interviewer. Thanks for creating a memorable 'experience' for me and more importantly thank you for the consistent 'experience' and service you offer your listeners. You make the world a better place."
Dr. Joseph Michelli-Author-The Starbucks Experience

"Thanks for having me on your show--it was one of my favorite interviews yet. You're an ususually perceptive interviewer who asks questions that build a real conversation between the host and the guest. For an author looking to explain his book to the public, that's an ideal talk to have."
Dr. David G. Schwartz-Author-Roll The Bones:The History Of Gambling

"Wonderful experience...Alvin really cut into the most important aspects of my book in 20 minutes...nice to speak with someone who takes the time to read the material, understands it, and relays that information to his audience. I'll be on his show any time."
David Reed-Author-Mortgage Confidential

"Thank you, my friend, for sharing Talk Easy, Listen Hard, with your listeners. Your praise for the book, astute comments, and thorough questions were indeed encouraging. As you brought out in our conversation, communication is essential to relationship. Understanding ourselves, each other, valuing the differences bring maturity and perspective that helps us really connect with each other, particularly within marriage and the home. I pray that Talk Easy, Listen Hard will bring understanding and hope to your listeners.
Nancy Sebastian Meyer-Author-Talk Easy, Listen Hard

"What a pleasure to speak with you--you get right to the heart of the issue and bring out the best insights for your listeners."
Sharon Naylor-Author-Renewing Your Wedding Vows

"A wonderful, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic interviewer and commentator"
Nick Salvatore-Author-We All Got History:The Memory Books Of Amos Webber

"I wanted to thank you again for such a top-notch discussion...As few radio personalities can claim these days, you bring a great sense of depth, insight and class to your interviews--all of which make the generally dispiriting exercise of promoting a book feel like the worthy, noble cause that we writers once dreamed it would be. Thank you again for offering authors the respect of familiarity with their work"
Ron Stodghilll-Author-Redbone:Money, Malice & Murder In Atlanta

...just needed you to know that I absolutely LOVED our "on-air" talk! You are such a ROCKSTAR! Thx for all the love and phenom support!
Erika Kendrick-Author-Confessions Of A Rookie Cheerleader

"It was such a joy to talk to you this morning...your insight and ability to pick out important issues that need to be addressed with Seniors was a blessing for me. Because of your own gift of interviewing, you make your guests (me) sound half way intelligent, even at 3:45 in the morning!
Samantha Landy-Author-Savvy Senior Singles

"I really appreciated your warm and supportive interview style. You got to all the main issues covered in my book and did a great job of putting me at ease. Thanks again. It was pleasure working with you!"
Kathy Kastan-Author-From The Heart

"Between your deep sonorous voice, your good mind, and your use of the English language, I was deeply dazzled."
Linda West Eckhardt-Author-The Dog Ate It

"So many thanks for our wonderful conversation on your program. I really appreciate the homework and your listening and leading style."
Dennis Wholey-Author-Why Do I Keep Doing That?

"I could have "hung out" with you for hours. You also have such a wonderful voice both in timber and in spirit of conversation."
Julia Fox Garrison-Author-Don't Leave Me This Way

"I truly enjoyed the conversation and found your questions and insight to be right on target. It is rare to find a host who is as well prepared, thoughtful and committed to making a difference in the lives of their audience. I look forward to keeping in touch."
Dr. Alan Gregerman-Author-Surrounded By Geniuses

"I was thrilled by the care with which you read my book, which was clearly reflected in the quality and thoughfulness of the interview questions you posed."
Tod Lindberg-Author-The Political Teachings Of Jesus Christ

"I was impressed by the way you instantly established rapport, put me at ease, asked insightful questions, and communicated well-connecting me to your audience. You're a master!"
Renee Evenson-Author-Award Winning Customer Service

"You lit up my day!...You are full of joy!
Susie Scott Krabacher-Author-Angels Of A Lower Flight

"Thank you for the wonderful, wonderful interview. What a pleasure to meet someone so talented & nice...Be well."
Taylor Grant-Author-Health Matters

"It was such an honor to be on your show and you are Great! That was one of the coolest radio interviews I have ever done."
Mike Robbins-Author-Focus On The Good Stuff

"I loved our interview this morning...You are Remarkable!"
Kevin Eikenberry-Author-Remarkable Leadership

"...my thanks for your special gifts and your wonderful show. You are clearly blessed with your gift to share the wisdom of others with thousands of listeners...My prayer is that you will continue to touch the hearts and minds of thousands of Americans who look for hope and long for joy."
Mark Anielski-Author-The Economics Of Happiness

"Thank you again for taking the time to actually read my book-it was clear that you understand my mission to reduce suffering in the workplace."
Laura Crawshaw-Author-Taming The Abrasive Manager

"What a pleasure to talk to you on air this morning. It is rare and wonderful thing to find such sparkling intelligence on the airwaves, and such a warm and encompassing spirit. I envy your listeners. Thank you, and thank you too for the website, which means that even all the way across the continent in Seattle, I can keep in touch."
Lesley Hazleton-Author-Jezebel

"It was an honor to be interviewed by you today. Thank you for all you are doing for God's kingdom through WCBQ-WHNC-AM. And, thank you for sharing Matthew 1:6. What a perfect example of woundedness happening at the hand of a man of God's own heart. I'll not forget to use that as an example of not only that, but also of how God remembers and honors the one who has been faithful, yet hurt."
Debbie Taylor Williams-Author-Trusting God's People...Again

"I truly enjoyed being on your show. Your questions were intelligent and helped me think more deeply about faith and courage and what it means to me."
Dawn Bailiff-Author-Notes From A Minor Key

"Your questions, attitude, style, easiness and personal warmth were so much NOT the same-old same-old. You bring freshness, heart, spirit and mind to what you do: you listen and participate fully, and bring thoughtfulness and good humor to the interaction. Real connection all around. and "real" is rarer in this world, and certainly in media, than I think either of us, or our listeners/readers, would like. But you prove it doesn't have to be that way, something I also aspire towards. So good! (And definitely not from Jiffy mix).
Crescent Dragonwagon-Author-The Cornbread Gospels

"I really like what you are doing. We can all help to empower people by helping them develop the attitudes and skills for personal success--not simply financial success, but human success. We can all be more successful people. You offer an avenue for just that kind of development. I honor your work."
Tim Hurson-Author-Think Better

"It was a pleasure speaking with you. Your compassion, enthusiasm, depth, and appreciation of our story was meaningful and rewarding. We have shared with our most recent book signing audiences your name and wisdom. I wish you the best in all your endeavors. Know that the impact you have on many, including ourselves, is profound. We are so grateful that your radio program and website is now known to us and to our friends so we can rejoice in your message and spiritual wisdom."
Isabel Stenzel Byrnes & Anabel Stezel-Author-Power Of Two

The 10 DiscernMints
of an authentic life

Spirit is always First.
Wisdom Trumps.
The Business of all endeavors is Profit.
Giving proves true Wealth.
True charity follows peace, accepts and honors All.
Self love determines the quality of your enemies and Friends.
Be light, water, wine and Tree.
Favor and mercy are you constant Companions.
Covenant keepers never Fail.
It's all Good.
-Alvin Augustus Jones-

A DiscernMint is defined as the will to distinguish; to celebrate the different; to live with best practices; to know that everything has characteristics and a claim to the universe; to give value to diversity and to accept that all things are equal but not the same

"I found your questions well focused, leading me toward meaningful comments."
Dr. Virginia Bentz-Author-Quick Guide To Good Kids

"You are a wondrous energy..."
Dr. Joan Borysenko-Author-Minding The Body, Mending The Mind

"Thank you for the insightful and engaging interview. Your prescient, precise questions traveled with light speed to the core meaning of the book. You even got me laughing at 6:15AM in the morning. You are a master interviewer bringing warmth and humor to your impeccable preparation and presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed our exchange."
Dr. Linda Martinez-Lewi-Author-Freeing Yourself From The Narcissist In Your Life

"just wanted to express that your personal lectures on your website are such a blessing-just so inspirational-I find myself reviewing them quite often. I listen to a lot of motivational and metaphysical speakers via the web while I'm working...-so it is just so refreshing to have another source for Universal Teachings! I am so happy to have discovered your website via Karen E. Quinones Miller. Continued blessings to you!"
Makeda Smith-www.jazzmynepr.com

"Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones is a thorough professional. As a journalist of four decades, I know a good interviewer when I see one."
Bob Ingle-The Soprano State.com

"Your powerful interview regarding the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Marked By Fire was masterful and wonderful. Dr. Jones, your program is truly touched by talent and delivered by your awesome gift."
Joyce Carol Thomas-Author-Marked By Fire

"It was wonderful talking with you today--you've got a great show and engaging manner and fire in the belly make it easy to see why so many people are fans."
Glenn Hurowitz-Author-Fear And Courage In The Democratic Party

"What fun! What fun it was to spend a few minutes with you and your listeners on Friday. Your interview was enjoyable, entertaining and truly focused on the merits of my book. Of course, Gary (my husband) was pleased to be called my hunka-hunka burnin love! You were a gracious, well prepared host. An author's dream!
Vonda Skelton-Author-Seeing Through The Lies

"Thanks, Dr. Jones for the delightful interview! I've done hundreds of these and yours was the most fun by far!"
Ellie Kay-Author-A Tip A Day

"It was such a pleasure being interviewed by you. It was one of my favorite interviews because you weren't circling the issues and you mentioned how people are so afraid to bring up God. It was so refreshing to be able to speak about real issues plaguing women and seeping into or interactions with others. I'm sure with your guidance your daughters have a solid foundation on which to stand and grow. Thank you for the opportunity."
Dawn Marie Daniels-Author-Souls Revealed

"I would also like to thank Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones for being a voice of hope to the many people in this world that are stuck and suffering in their emotional and psychological pain. Dr. Jones did a marvelous job of drawing out the key ideas in our workbook, namely, using mindful acceptance to disarm and transforn anxious suffering into a whole, dignified, and purposeful life. Living well even with the pain of life is the prize, and I sincerely hope that your listener's find a way to do that."
Dr. John P. Forsyth-Author-The Mindfulness & Acceptance Workbook

"Thank you very much for inviting me to be one of your guests. I could not believe you only had looked at the book the night before as your questions were exactly to the point! It was a real pleasure talking with you and I know by looking online that people have been buying the book. So there again, thanks!!!"
Dr. Sylviane A. Diouf-Author-Dreams Of Africa In Alabama

"Thank you. I enjoyed speaking with you, noted that you made some especially astute and in-depth comments. Obviously, you 'get' the idea of expanding horizons!"
Rosanne Knorr-Author-Grown-up's Guide To Running Away From Home

"I wish all interviewers were as insightful and respectful as you are. It was a pleasure to talk with you and connect with your listeners."
Marcia Ford-Author-We The Purple

"Thanks for the engaging interview. You made book promotion a lot of fun. Between Indiana Jones and Alvin Jones, I'll take the latter every time!"
Stephen W. Simpson-Author-What Women Wish You Know About Dating

"A day later, I am still coasting on the intellectual stimulation of that interview, You asked fascinating, provocative questions that really got to the heart of the book. And I can't tell you how much it meant to me that you had read the book with such care, and thought about it deeply."
Joan Wickersham-Author-The Suicide Index

Profits Matter

When you dare to feed the children
Balance the unjust
Cure the diseased
Give vision to the blind
Liberate the captive
Enrich the elderly
Build bridges over afflicted rivers
And match Heaven's goodness on Earth
-Alvin Augustus Jones-

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Elizabeth Olagunju
Tarashea Nesbit-Wives of Los Alamos
Carla Hall-Carla's Comfort Foods
Dr. Pierece Howard-Manual For Brain
Megan Breedlove-Chaotic Joy
Al Jarreau-TvLand-Soul Man

Body By Simone
Dr. Yoni Freedhoff-The Diet Fix

Dr. Terry Wahls-Wahls Protocol
Jana, Jill, Jessa & Jinger Duggar
Peggy Shinner-You Feel Do Mortal
Thomas Nazario-Living On A Dollar A Day
John Liebert-Leaving China
Michele Scicolone-Italian Vegetable Cookbook
Adele Levine-Run, Don't Walk

David Dinkins-A Mayor's Life
Mary Roach-Gulp
Jeremy Eden & Terri Long-Low-Hanging Fruit
Robert Gleason-Nuclear Terrorist
Greg Kot-Mavis Staples
John Kuhn-Fear & Learning In America
Dr. Sonya Rhodes-Alpha Woman Meets Her Match


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